Our Commitments

Our philosophy : the written word has no value unless it has a meaning, a reality. To meet this commitment while advancing on your projects, we build on values...


No shortcuts! Whatever the service required, from auditing to rewriting, each task is performed after understanding your business, its environment, its markets, its specificities. The content and form echo each other to better highlight the strengths of each company.


We are not happy with just an “approximate” solution or solution number 3. Whether it be a one-off or long-term project, we invest ourselves personally in each and every project.

Given Plume de Comm's unique structure you will be dealing with experienced and committed professionals ... but have only one single point of contact, a project manager. All those working on the project will carry out their tasks respecting the agreed deadlines. However the unexpected is always possible and should it happen, we will submit a new schedule well ahead in time to provide an intermediary solution.

We have a foot in your company and our head outside - for more creativity! Observing, participating in professional networks, getting feedback: our way of doing things allows us to see further... and to go further ahead with you.


Getting on well makes for clearer understanding! With Plume de Comm, you will have someone who is accessible, listens and speaks your language. Someone who has a great deal of experience in different organisations who will discreetly question you to understand how you work and who will become your second-self.

In short, someone who becomes a partner in your written communication. And you can be sure – the experience will be a friendly one, essential in all partnerships. Why? Because without a doubt creativity blossoms from exchanges where everyone involved feels comfortable.

And we feel committed! To be an actor in your communication, it is essential for us to know more about your strategy, your projects. This is why it is indispensable for us to respect professional ethics based on confidentiality.


At Plume de Comm, we combine the mind and the word with three core values...

And above all, being yourself!

Our values

At Plume de Comm, we combine the mind and the word with three core values...

  • Professionalism, through our high standards. Adhering to professional associations, Plume de Comm keeps up to date about new practices
  • Creativity, to provide different solutions, always adapted to the marketing and economic realities of our clients
  • The need for a friendly partnership! Creativity comes from exchanges where everyone feels free to express any concerns. In addition to meticulousness, it provides the key to build lasting and productive partnerships